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02-16-2008 Tambourine Contest was an absolute blast. We had two full rounds of competition with eight of the best tambourine shakers that we've seen in a long time. Each & every contestant's extraordinary talents were what only could be categorized as "professional level". But tonight, there was to be only  one winner. The cheers & screams of the crowd made it clear that there was one tremendous shaker that exhibited that dedicated extra effort, poise & originality in her shaking performance that put her well above the rest. Who is this young "Irish Girl" that caused all the thunderous applause & deafening screams of appreciation from the crowd? It was BRIGID!!! Wow, what a shaker!!


A big CONGRATULATIONS to Brigid, our winner for the night.....and a big Ein Prosit' to her partyin' friends!! 

02-15-2008 Tambourine Contest was a little bit different. We still had two tremendous rounds of intensely competitive shaking. We still had two semi-finalists that were the unanimous winners of each round. We were all ready for an all out tambourine shaking extravaganza between the these two wonderful finalists. But, unfortunately, the winner from round one was for some reason, unable to compete in the final round.  I wonder.......maybe she saw the shaking talents of our second round winner. Maybe she heard the crowd's screams & roaring applause when Hanna took the second round by storm. I wonder if she thought to herself.."this girl is unbeatable". Well, she just may have been right!!!


Hanna, that was some OUTSTANDING shakin'. GREAT JOB!!

01-20-2008 Tambourine shaking contest was just plain fun. We have a couple rounds of really outstanding shakers. But, you all know who the judges are.....that's right the audience. This nights partying crowd was loud & demanding. One half had their eyes on Ashley & the other half on Christi. So, for self preservation purposes & in full agreement that both girls had incredible shaking abilities, Schnapps declared a tie. 


Congratulations to Ashley & Christi, the best shakers in the Haus!!!!

01-19-2008 Contest can only be described as outrageous partytime. This was about the best group of shakers that we've ever seen on a Friday night here at Hofbrau Haus. We bore witness to nearly professional level shakin' this night, and the audience new it. After the 2 elimination round winners were determined, we knew that we were going to have a close contest, both Mya & Jamie already demonstrated that they were champion shakers. So when the audience screamed their final votes, The judges(Schnapps guys) had no choice but to declare a tie. 


Jamie & her friends                            &                          Mya & her friends

Sorry we had no "ACTION" photos.......Greg(camera service dept.) dropped the darn camera batteries behind the speaker..Oh Well.... 

12-15-2007 Tambourine Shaking contest was better than ever. What we thought was going to be a rather "thin" night, due to the inclement weather, turned out to be one of he best parties in Newport this Saturday night. We had a crowd of  the most dedicated beer drinkers & the most determined tambourine shakers that we've had in the Haus in a long, long time. "THE RESULT"...... one great beer bash & some of the most intense shaking you'd see anywhere west of Munich Germany. We ended up with two energetic & talented winners. We'd like to introduce you to Anastasia & Julie, our prestigious winners for the night!!


Congratulations Anastasia & Julie!! You both are the best shakers in the Haus!!!!!!!!!!

12-08-2007 Tambourine Contest was an absolute blast! ...AGAIN!!.... thanks to all the wonderfully talented shakers that participated in tonight's contest. We had a couple rounds of what can only be described as "IMPRESSIVE SHAKIN"!! The crowd & the band were really treated to some of the best shakin' seen in a long time. I mean everything was shakin out there as well as.....well...the tambourines. After the final round of the tremendous shaking, the winner was unanimously determined. The winner tonight.......MICHELLE!!!....and it was no close call. 

Michelle, thanks to you & all your friends for making tonight's contest a real party!!!

09-15-2007 Tambourine shaking contest brought forth another incredible group of tremendous shakers. We(the band guys) had the honor of witnessing a demonstration the like of which has never before been seen on the tambourine shaking circuit. That's right, the girls this night took tambourine shaking to all new heights. It could only be described as "art in motion"...uh....incredibly fast motion!!! I mean these girls were all over the place. They were on the floor, the benches, up on the beer barrels & even on the tables. Whew!!!...AND THE WINNER IS!.....Jenny!!!


Great job Jenny. You & all your friends made this contest a real PARTY!!.....THANKS!!

09-14-2007 Tambourine contest was truely, a shakin' party. This contest featured two incredible rounds of some of the most intense shaking you have ever seen. We're talkin' jaw droppin', forgetting where I put my beer, kind of shaking!!! To be quite honest, I may have had my jaw drop in the past. But, I have NEVER before forgotten where I put my beer.......And, who was the winner who prevailed above the rest? Well, it was Kristen, our champion shaker. Congratulations Kristen and thanks for that wonderful shaking.  


 .....and...don't worry, I did eventually did find my beer.....thank God!!  

09-01-2007 Tambourine shaking contest was about as much fun as it could be. Jennifer Lynn & all her friends made the Schnappsband's shakin' contest an outright party. When voting time came, all her friends & the rest of her fans screamed their votes so loud that Judges(yeah...the band guys) knew right away who won. CONGRATULATIONS Jennifer Lynn!! You any all your friends were great!! Thanks for the great shakin' performance!!!


Humm....what are those things on her head???? Must be some kind of new party favor......

08-11-2007 Tambourine contest was one for the books. After 2 elimination rounds & after the final round of competition we still could not determine a winner. All the contestants were wonderfully talented shakers. So, after the screaming crowd cast their votes, we had no choice but to declared a tie.  Our champion shakers for the night are  Dana & Michiko. Great job girls!