Schnapps Band?  

Here's our story!!

The Schnapps Band had it's humble beginnings way back in 1978. With it's members ranging in age from mature 9 to the ripe old age of 14, the band was originally called Cincinnati Sonnenschein Band. It was comprised of members (well...children of members) of Cincinnatiís Germania Club and was formed to play German music only. But, as time went by, membership changes were inevitable & today we're left with only one of the original members, John Gulasy. Although he is now affectionately referred to as Founding Father John, back then, at the age of thirteen, he was the band's original accordionist. Over the past years, he's the one that bore witness to the evolution of the band from a group of childhood friends playing Polkas & Waltzes down at Dad's club, to the diverse group that the Schnapps Band is today. 

Over the past 27 years, as members changed, each would add their experiences & abilities. Some moved on to other groups. Others married & moved away. But, little pieces of them were left behind not only in the music, but in the thoughts & personalities of the rest of us. We are all so very grateful to all our past members. Because, as the years went by, and that diverse variety of personalities filtered through, the band matured and our repertoire expanded. Now, in addition to the traditional German music for which we're known, we play a wide variety of musical styles including Big Band, Jazz, Classic Rock,  Pop and most recently, even a little Country music.  

Originally, the band played exclusively at dances for the Germania Club. But, visiting members of other German Clubs such as the Kolping Society & Dauauschwaben Verin soon invited the band to play for their Events & Dances. Before long, many other types of playing engagements came along, such as Weddings, Anniversaries and Private Parties. These were initially also for the German Clubs. But, eventually, as the band's notoriety grew, so did our opportunities. Since then, we've had the privilege of performing for Televised Concerts in the Parks, Live Radio Broadcasts on the Square, Business Conventions, Concerts, Contests and numerous Festivals and Octoberfests throughout Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Florida. When the City of Cincinnati made the Guinness Book of World Records for the Worlds largest Chicken Dance, Who was playing the music? You guessed right,  The Schnapps Band!! 

  Our Members!!!

 John Gulasy

 Plays primarily accordion and keyboard and sings. He also plays drums and trumpet. A member since 1978.

 Mark Dauterman

Plays clarinet, flute and tenor, alto and soprano saxophones, bass guitar and sings. A member since 1992.